Shelley is certified in BodyPump, BodyFlow, BodyCombat, and CXWorx. She's dedicated to proper form and challenging members to work just a little bit harder.


Lynn has been teaching LesMills classes since the beginning. She is certified in BodyPump, BodyAttack, BodyFlow, and BodyStep. She is an amazing instructor and brings her own flavor to each class.


Laura is certified in RPM. Not only does she spin her way into our hearts here at WPF, but she is an avid cyclist. She is good about making sure everyone is comfortable on their bikes and are in proper form to get the most out of their workout.


Emily has been with us since the beginning. She is certified in BodyPump, RPM, CXWorx, TRX, Pilates, and is a Personal Trainer. Her classes are great but you should see the results she gets with her Personal Training clients. She is dedicated to keeping her clients fit and fabulous.


Kelly is certified in BodyPump, BodyAttack, BodyVive, BodyStep, and TRX. This tall beauty motivates you to try harder and give your all. She keeps up with what is happening in the fitness industry and brings with her a love of exercise that rubs off on her clients.


Katie is certified in Zumba. Her style is upbeat with a hip hop vibe. She is also certified in FITT BARRE, a class done with the ballet bar. She loves to dance and with her high-spirited energy, she makes you want to as well.


Sarah is one of our newest additions. Sarah started out as a client before becoming an instructor. She is certified in TRX and combines it with RIP training for an intense workout.


Kathy is certified in BodyFlow, Pilates, Personal Training, and Barre Pilates. Her personality is what first draws you in but don't be fooled by her sweet Southern charm, her classes are challenging and guaranteed to produce results.


Pam teaches Yoga and Pilates. She brings years of experience. She has a calming voice and her yoga classes leave you feeling serene.


Betsy is certified in BodyPump, RPM, BodyCombat, and BodyVive.  She loves teaching GF classes and try to bring humor to every class.  Betsy wants everyone to feel welcome, safe, and to have fun.  She wants her class participants to feel successful when they walk out the door after each class.  She respects the fact that people are choosing to give her an hour of their time and wants to make the most of that.


Mindy teaches Premier Yoga and guides her students through a Vinyasa flow practice, linking movement and breath.  Her goal is for students of all levels to embrace yoga.  She encourages exploring new postures in a playful way; fully accepting where we are in our practice and our life.  Mindy believes that the lessons on the mat can be taken out into the world and positively affect ourselves and others.


Paula teaches a Hatha Yoga style class.  She concentrates on the breath and does a vinyasa flow and lots of stretching.


Certified to teach BodyAttack and BodyPump, Mandy is a fantastic motivator with high energy and passion for health and fitness. Her encouraging teaching style helps all her participants strive to reach their full potential.

Terry Tolbert

Terry is our newly certified Body Pump instructor.  She is a group fitness fanatic and will give you a workout that will exhaust and challenge all fitness levels.

Angeles Marzana

Angeles is a certified Body Pump instructor. She is a native of Bolivia and will motive you in English AND Spanish. Her class is high energy and highly motivating!