Suzanne Cagle Shares Her Story


I have been a WPF member for 10 years. However, my real journey started about 5 months ago when I quit my job. I decided to eat better and exercise a little more by trying different classes. You know the old saying that if you continue to do the same thing, why would you expect different results. Trying all new classes has really made a big difference.

I also turn 60 in April, and I wanted to be down 25 pound by my birthday. I have lost 30 pounds as of this writing, so my NEW goal for my birthday is 40 pounds.

I just returned from a 15 day holiday cruise and only gained 2 pounds. I exercised on the ship daily!

One of my starting points was listing reasons for me to “stay the course” this time. I posted this list on my refrigerator. My list included: my weight, my salt intake, my cholesterol, my fragile knee, my kids, my heartburn, my bad habits, turning 60, feeling better, get healthier, and if I am being honest, revenge for my job. I have accomplished all the things on my list.

So I am telling you it has all clicked this time, and I am loving the new me. I have shopped for new clothes , wear leggings , boots and short dresses. I don’t have to worry about how I pose for pictures, or how I look if my arms are showing.

In summary, try a new class, eat healthier, and my new motto is DO IT NOW, LATER TURNS INTO NEVER!!…

Think of exercise as medicine you MUST take every day..

Enjoy life,

Suzanne Cagle


Amazing Makeover Starts A Family Movement

My journey at Women’s Premier fitness started almost a year 20150404_120152and a half ago. I had just finished a serious diet. 1200 cal everyday for 6 months. I lost 25 lbs and was happy about it, but knew 1200 cal a day was NOT a lifestyle I could keep up forever. I didn’t just want to lose weight, I wanted a healthier lifestyle where my daily habits made it so I didn’t have to think about every little thing I put in my mouth. I wanted my body to feel fit and strong and confident, not just skinny. So I decided to join a gym. I had never belonged to a gym before, ever. I thought going to the gym meant running on a treadmill, lifting weights by yourself, or getting on that elliptical. None of those things sounded fun but I wanted to be fit, so I was willing to try. I pass WPF everyday. It’s only a mile from my house. The idea of a women’s only gym really appealed to me because I’ve always been self conscious when it comes to my body. I took a tour and was blown away with what I saw. Les Mills Body Pump happened to be the class going on at the time of my tour and I immediately wanted to try it. I had never seen a group weights class before! You mean I can take a class where the instructor helps me choose my weight selection and then groans louder than me when I don’t think I can do one more rep???? Sign me up!!! I got a week pass to try it out. The next day I was nervous! Haha, it felt like middle school all over again! What if I don’t remember where the class is, what if I can’t make the lockers work?? I got there signed in and politely asked where the class I was going to take was. The girl next to me said “Oh, I’m taking that class! I’ll show you!” Cassie then introduced herself, helped me with my locker, showed me where the towels were and went with me to class. I instantly felt safe. I’ve since learned that this is how the women at WPF are. They aren’t just there to burn a couple quick calories. They are there to build friendships, inspire each other, build each other up, have a GREAT time and EARN THEIR SHOWER!! Man are these women tough stuff!! That was day one and I haven’t looked back. I look forward to the gym every morning. Especially on my bad mornings, because I know Jenny’s going to make me laugh, Lynn will inspire me, Kelly will push me harder than I thought I could go, Stacey’s going to ask me how I’m doing, and those are just the instructors!! Every time I bring a friend they almost always say “Wow, the instructors here are WAY better than the ones at my gym” and I ALWAYS get a text the next day of them complaining how sore they are. 🙂

My life had changed but it didn’t stop there. My husband saw what a difference WPF was making in my life and HE joined a gym. He lost 30 lbs and started running races. Soon working out and eating right was a daily topic in my house and my kids immediately picked up on it. My 7 yr old’s new years resolution was to go running every Saturday with Dad. When I “bribe” my boys they choose rewards like playing tennis together, going for a run together, or going on a new hike. My boys understand the difference between “treats” and food that fuels our bodies. My boys hear me talk about how sore I am because I’ve worked hard. They’ve seen me participate in the fun challenges WPF has to offer and they KNOW that Mommy is fit, strong, and capable. WPF didn’t just change my life, but changed my families life and I will be forever grateful!!